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Nova Extreme T-5 review
By Current USA

* Brilliant High Output T-5 fluorescent bulbs PLUS LED lunar lights
* Provides complete 24-hour lighting for your reef aquarium
* Space-saving T-5 HO fluorescent bulbs encased in a slim housing design

Current Brilliant high output T-5 fluorescent bulbs paired with the nocturnal glow of LED lunar lights. 2 leading edge advances in lighting technology contained in a compact energy-efficient fixture for complete 24-hour lighting. Features microprocessor controlled internal electronic ballast, integrated cooling fans, parabolic reflector, and protective splash lens.

Two separate power switches for primary lighting and 4 independent power cords enables the Nova Extreme T-5 Fixture to be automated. Simply plug the power cords into timers for custom light periods to suit the requirements of your aquarium inhabitants. Includes docking mounts and Slimpaq 460nm Actinic and 10000°K T-5 HO lamps.
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Rating: 3.4/5 (2 votes cast)

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  1. admin says:

    Great unit for the price.
    The moon LEDs are a great addition!

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