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SEIO Super Flow Pumps Review

SEIO Super Flow Pumps by Taam are efficient little pumps, fully submersible and designed to move high volumes of water with even dispersal, minimal heat output and minimal energy use. They achieve this using a revolutionary 120 degree adjustable output, providing multi-directional current.

SEIO Super Flow Pumps are affordable - but reliable and long lasting as they use high impact plastic propellers, ceramic shafts and bearings, among other features. If you’re looking for improved circulation in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium with low electricity bills, the SEIO Super Flow Pump is the perfect choice.
Available sizes: Super Flow Pump Sizes: 620 GPH, 820 GPH, 1100 GPH, 1500 GPH, 2600 GPH.

I own several of these. They have great mounting options (see image above) and a nice wide flow. Wattage is really low and the price is right. I have seen stronger pumps but they are good for the price.
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