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If you want the best, here it is. We designed, tested, and build these regulators in our fabrication facility (in the U.S.A.) They combine ALL of the BEST features that a TOP quality regulator should have. After exhaustive R&D and thousands of hours of testing, we are confident enough to “guarantee” that you won’t find a better quality, more precise, longer warranty Co2 regulator/solenoid/needle valve on the planet.

A Co2 regulator is what you’ll need to dissolve calcearous media in marine systems and it’s the best system to provide Co2 in freshwater systems. According to, this model (made by is the best regulator after their Electronic Co2 Regulator (also made by
I was looking for a new regulator so I decided to give it a try. It’s a really good regulator but I am still not sure if it’s better than my Milwaukee regulator.
The price is insane! It’s twice the price of any other regulator.

Used with a Aluminum CO2 Cylinder, you can expect your CO2 supply to be stable and to last up to around 6 months
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