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Nutrafin Plant-Gro CO2 Natural System Review

nutrafinco2 DESCRIPTION:Designed for tanks up to 20 U.S. gallons (75 l), for larger aquariums use multiple units. Affordable, safe and user friendly means of CO2 supplementation for live aquatic plants
CO2 stabilizer and activator include.

I bought a system like this few years ago. There’s nothing magic about this reactor. Its just a plastic container with a hose and a bubble ladder. It’s a cheap and easy way to produce Co2 but its not signifigantly better than a DIY setup (with a plastic bottle).
The activator is actually champaigne yeast. You can use what comes with the system and use bakers yeast after. I am not sure what’s in the stabilizer but you can get the same results using baking soda. .
The bubble ladder that comes with the kit is total crap. The bubbles will not dissolve 100% by the time they reach the top. You can waste over 50% of your Co2 using the bubble ladder.

The big problem with this system is that the Co2 produced is unstable. With unstable Co2, you help the algae more than the plants.
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