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Mag-Float Cleaning Magnet Review

mag_float DESCRIPTION:
The Mag-Float® revolutionary patented floating aquarium cleaner removes algae from your aquarium without getting your hands wet. Super convenient floating cleaner, cleans aquarium surfaces and floats when the inner magnet separates from the outer magnet. Because you never have to reach into the aquarium, not only can you stay clean and dry, but also avoid toxic lotions or soap residue on your skin from getting into your aquarium water.

My Mag-Float cleans my 150 gallon tank very well. It’s a powerfull cleaning magnet and it floats so when you pull the outside magnet away, the inside piece floats to the top. It allows to to clean algae or debris off the glass and not get your hands wet. They come in 11 models to best match any tank size, surface thickness and shape.
You have to be careful to clean up any debris underneath the pad or it’ll scratch your tank! To make sure this never happen to me, I chose a smaller magnet. I have a Float-125 while I should have a Float-350. A Float-350 would have done a better job but would have been strong enough to scratch the glass when there is sand underneath.
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