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Hydor Koralia powerheads Review

hydor-koralia DESCRIPTION
The Koralia Nano features 1-3/4″ diameter suction cup and magnet mounting system, also suitable for up to 1/2″ thick glass nano reef aquariums.
Unique patented magnet + suction cup support included! Incredible stability in any position. Magnet is specially covered to prevent corrosion.
High performance, low energy consumption! Unique patented impellers designed by hydor guarantee exceptional hydraulic performance with low energy consumption.

-For sure, the greatest thing about the Hydor Koralia is the cost : a fraction of the lowest Tunze. Let’s say it’s a great option for those working within a budget.
-Awesome adjustment :
- You can move them in a lot of directions once mounted inside the tank  and you don’t only get flow from the front. Yes that’s right! Because of it’s open cage design, the water is being sucked from all sides and distributed in a wide pattern. I really like this feature for smaller tank where it can be difficult to get an alternating, smooth and wide water flow.
- Very easy to install : Take it out of the box, place it against the glass and apply the magnet to the other side of the glass. It’s easy like that!
-You can take the whole pump apart and replace only the broken piece.
-They are a little noisy at first. I have use an additional suction cup at the back to reduce vibrations. The pump will be less noisy after a little while.
-The pump is cheaply made and has a very basic design. I guess this is what you get for paying less.
-The magnet don’t hold very well on thick glass. The pump won’t fall but to pivot you need to hold it.  If this become a problem, you can always remove the suction cup to make the magnet a little stronger.

All that to say that they are great pump design to generate a nice flow. Yes the are cheap but the but you won’t pay a fortune for it. If you have the money, go with a pump like the nanostream but if your budget is a little low, you can get two Koralias for a fraction of what it would cost you to get a nanostream and it will be much easier to create a nice current with two pump than it would be with only one.
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Here is a video showing the Hydor Koralia 4 in a 20 gallon reef tank.

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  1. Tom says:

    Watching the video i did notice that the powerhead seems a bit loud.

  2. admin says:

    It’s actually not that bad. It should not be noisy at all.

  3. clyde says:

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