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Led Submersible Moonlight Review

led-submersible-moonlight DESCRIPTION
It is a completely submersible moonlight system equipped with 6 true actinic 03 blue color LEDs. It comes with a low voltage transformer with output adjustment knob for brightness control and 2 meter long flexible silicone power cord. It can be mounted anywhere above or in the tank itself with a suction cup. Designed to work for nano tanks and up to 3 feet tanks.<

I was looking for moonlight for a little 5 gallon reef tank and a 25 gallon reef tank. This new product was fairly cheap ($55 on sale at $29) so I bought one for the little tank and two for the other tank. As soon as I got home with the new toys, I immediately installed them on the tanks and waited for the night.
At 11pm, the day lights turned off and realized my mistake. Instead of creating a diffuse blue light all over the tanks, it create some little laser lights (not bright at all) that goes through the water. I thought two as simply not enough for a 25 gallon tank so I tried them all on the 5 gallon tank and got the same bad results. That was terrible so I decided to donate the moonlights to a friend who finally gave them back to me.
I have paid $90 for the 3 moonlights so I decided to use them on the 5 gallon tank but one of the bulb burned after only 3 months. One last thing, it always fall so it would need additional suction cups.
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Here it is on video:

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